Tuesday's Ramblings

Sometimes you can't say it, or at least not out loud anyways:

Seriously, I mean how many times can you say out loud, My Boss is a Fucking Asshole ? " or " Fuck you Inbred Hick ! " But stickers are a great form or direct communication. You get to say it without having to say it!

Need a joke about co-workers without attracting attention to yourself?

Saying things like, "Shut Up FUCKTARD", "Idiots don't feel stupid but they are" or "You're the Dumbest Mother Fucker I ever saw " Nothing says you care more, than stickers like that.

If you are a picky bastard and can't find the right saying for your sticker, then let us custom create one for you!  You can't offend us and we will make just about anything.  Let's talk about designing you a cool sticker !
So that being said, we hope your day is filled without stupid people fucking it up!
Some people are useless bags of skin.

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