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About Us
Stickerheads design and manufacture cool stickers that SELL!  Unlike most of our competitors...we actually listen to our clients! We are designing stickers that these guys in the field actually are asking for!

Plus, we have had an online presence since 1997 selling all kinds of stickers to all kinds of people all over the world! 

In fact, we've shipped over 1 million stickers world-wide!

How can you help?
We have done some testing in retail stores like yours and our product was a hit!  We want to expand and are looking for specific businesses just like yours, to sell the stickerheads brand in retail brick & mortar stores.

How much do I have to spend?
To qualify for a discount, wholesale savings are based on how much you spend.  The more you spend the more discount you receive and the more profit potential. Discounts are listed as follows, just use the code at checkout and your discount will be deducted!

Just CLICK the Discount Coupons below for huge savings!



Unlike other companies:
We offer no contracts, no art charges, no die cutting charges, no charge on full color, and you pay just for stickers and get FREE SHIPPING ( USA Only ), to maximize your sales profits!

Start making money giving your customers a reason to stop back into your shop on a weekly or even a daily basis looking for stickers.  We even offer our design services for custom stickers for FREE! 

When your customer asks, "Can I get my local number, or Can I get a blue elephant with a monkey on his back?"  The answer is always YES!  We can make it!  We want you to do whatever it takes to get that order!  ( Please Note:  It is illegal to reproduce copy-protected designs or logos, included sports teams or corporate logos.   Business logos are find with owners approvals )

Repeat business is good business!

Customers love our stickers because they are outdoor durable, weather proof, waterproof, fade resistant, and easy to install.  Best of all they really sell because of the price. 

You'll pay as little as .30 to .85 cents per sticker when buying in bulk. Depending on your location, our stickers will retail from $1.50 to $2.99 each, which leaves you a healthy profit margin.


We really want your business and as a bonus, If you spend $250 or more, we will give you:

50 FREE 2" stickers printed with your logo 
( $50 value ) Give them away to your customers to help you get the word out!  

How do i get this deal?  Once you have checked out email your logo to stickerheads@gmail.com along with your order number and any instructions for your stickers.

 Remember: If you can't find the stickers you want,
CONTACT US NOW! or call us on our cell at 740-603-5274, let's make some $$$ together!

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