We are removing Paypal checkout

If you have no other way to pay other than PayPal, please contact us, we can send you a generic invoice with a total for your order.

After recent "woke" changes to PayPal policies we can no longer support this payment system.  

In addition, PayPal is a now a 100% Chinese company and we want to keep incoming payments and fees within the USA.  

In October 2022, PayPal started its woke agenda.  This new policy is denying sales based on "words" that PayPal deems hateful, harmful, adult, or unsafe.

Such words like, "gun" or any "curse words".  This also includes adult words like some found in titles of our products.

It was brought to our attention, after several clients could not checkout with PayPal do to a payment error. Their payment was actually denied.  Which means PayPal is controlling what you spend your money on!

These anti-American actions were enough in making the decision to remove this payment platform. 

If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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