We Are Changing The World - Or Trying

Changing The World

Being told you have a God given talent, is a big gift for someone that has a humble beginning. Not many know the struggle to make a living selling yourself. Wait... that came out wrong. But they say “Everyone has a talent” which is true, so with only one talent we took to change the world.

Our History

Years ago before this crazy hi-tech digital world, we used different digits. Our fingers. Yes, you’ve seen our type. The sad chubby guy with sign paint holding one brush with his teeth and another outlining some sort of, wait, what the hell is that? A...giraffe? No....that’s a monkey!

We’ve breathed in paint fumes and came close to led poisoning after several long days of airbrushing and lettering. But with the introduction of computers, we now get to sit back and enjoy back pain, finger cramps and eye strain. All, thanks to our wonderful customers. And, You keep us going!

We’ve been doing this longer than just anyone on the internet. In fact our domain was registered back in 1996! In those days, we were only selling a minimal amount but we considered "that" successful and we knew we were on to something special.

Now some 22 years later we are still hard at it making stickers everyday for you, the guy next to you and that guy over there too. We’ve designed, printed, and shipped over 1 million stickers world wide! So, maybe we can’t change the world, but we’ll cover it in stickers!

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