2 - 2" QR Reader Stickers ( Any text or url you want! )  TEST ME

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These are great fun!   You get two 2" stickers for the 3" price.  You can add any URL, Facebook Page, Picture from internet ( in the form of a url) , a link to one of our stickers, or even ANY text, go ahead, try ours out!!   

These are great fun for hard hats, business, toilets, drink tumblers, any website you want to share that's difficult to remember.  Awesome fun for, cars, trucks, cranes, dozers, toolboxes, just about anyplace you want to place a hi-tech message  ;)

Most phones now a days are preloaded with a QR SCANNER/READER,  if your phone doesn't have one you can download a free on at https://scan.me



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